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LEEBA Online Teaching System
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  • Players will first pre-register for the month they want to join. You can reach the pre-registration form from here.
  • Pre-registered players will be sorted by their GOR points.
  • For each five suitable players, a group will be open.
  • Others will be add to the waiting list and will get initiative for next month.
  • You can reach the price info for league from here.


  • There will be 5 people groups, sorted and divided by GOR points.
  • If a player does not or can not play that week, other player can play with substitute players.
  • The players will play one game per week on average and will decide the time and date.
  • Players may play two games or may not play any games on some weeks. Players should only keep in mind not to play all of their games in one week.


  • Games will be played on KGS in a private room. We will announce the room name in upcoming days.
  • Games will be played with 30 min main time and 5×30 sec Japanese Byo-Yomi
  • The winner should send the result as an e-mail to results@baduk.academy


  • Review days and time will be decided by players according to the teacher’s schedule.
  • The reviews will be recorded and can be watched later on our youtube channel.


  • Spectators can watch and participate to all reviews and ask questions.
  • They can watch previous reviews from our youtube channel.
  • This option is for players who can not join the league because they do not have enough time.
  • You can reach the pre-registration from from here.
  • You can reach the price info to be a spectator from here.