Personal information & Career
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  • I learned baduk at the age of 7 from my father and I’ve been playing ever since.
  • When I graduated from High School I was around 4 Dan. I kept studying when I had time and at around the age of 30 I reached 7 Dan. As I studied other subjects in University I still played baduk as a hobby. I did not study baduk all the time as if I were an Insei (in Korea: younguseng).
  • After I reached 7d I participated in many tournaments and during that time I won the Korean Amateur Championship three times. I also participated in many international amateur tournaments as a representative of Korea.
  • In 1997, the Myongji University Baduk Department was established. I attained a position there as a professor and worked there for 11 years until 2008
  • Since 2003 I have traveled throughout Europe teaching baduk.
  • I opened IBA (International Baduk Academy) in 2008. IBA was the first international baduk academy in the world which was open to foreigners. I taught many students there for 3 years.
  • Now I live in Izmir/Turkey and I am accepting students globally. For more information you can check the rest of the website or contact me.
  • I have participated in many amateur tournaments all around Europe and have attended the European Go Congress many times in several countries.
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